Language courses 1,6,9 months

Total advice until your first day of school in Russia


- Cardiology
- Plastic surgery
- Gynecology
- Genetic engineering
- Forensic Medicine
- Veterinary Medicine
- Odontology
- Ophthalmology
- Pediatrics
- Ophthalmology
- Odontology
- Other


- Architecture
- Astronomy
- Physical Sciences
- Mechatronics
- Nanotechnology
- Petroleum Engineering
- Aeronautical Engineering
- Naval Engineering
- Systems engineer
- Civil Engineering
- Industrial engineer
- Other


- Business Administration
- Public Administration
- Accounting and Auditing
- International Business
- World Economy
- Marketing
- Economy
- World Economy
- Business Economy
- Financial Administration
- Hotel and Tourism
- Other


Social Sciencies

- Political Sciences
- International Relations
- International Right
- Civil right
- Linguistics
- Pedagogy
- Law
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Derecho Penal
- Philosophy

- Other


Experience and Security

We offer you the most reliable way to study abroad

√ Visa 100% guaranteed
√ Admission 100% confirmed
√ Health insurance
√ Student residence

5 steps to follow:

Throughout the admission process you will have full advice by our highly qualified staff in your country and Russia, providing you with an effective and safe way to start your new profession.

RU will process your student invitation letter, with which you will obtain a visa at the Russian embassy in your country

Travel and installation in your university residence

Our staff will meet you at the airport and install in your new student residence

Your first year will be leveling and learning the Russian language
Start your career

Start your career and achieve your goals

More than 1400 universities

Sant Petersburg


Travel and be part of RU

We have offices in Russia and your country of residence


About us

Russian University "Estudiar en Rusia" - we are an international organization with a highly qualified team,
in order to provide young people worldwide the opportunity for personal and academic achievement in the best universities of the Russian Federation.

Years of experience and academic agreements with Russian institutions, enables us to provide one of the best educations in the world, opening doors to our students andtraining professionals first world.

Our goals: education without barriers; first level specialization.



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