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Universidad Medica de Kazan

Kazan State Medical University - KSMU


5,000 +




106 in Russia




City: Kazan

Residence: $ 40 USD per month

High School: $ 920 USD per semester


Kazan State Medical University is widely in demand nowadays, many of the students from different countries of the world choose it. It has more than 5500 students in the medical area, who are clinical residents and interns, it has 9 faculties with 65 departments and 1500 workers.

The KGMU year after year adds more foreigners to its classrooms. Currently there are approximately 450 students from more than 46 different countries. Graduates of Kazan State Medical University work successfully all over the world, thus demonstrating the great popularity and prestige that this institution has gained.

How are the studies?

Students from other countries study in Russian, both for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The university offers a pre-university course that lasts for 2 or 3 semesters depending on the month of arrival. During this period, the student will learn the Russian language and will receive a certificate to begin their studies of Medicine or specialty.

An important fact of the Kazan State Medical University in which in 2017 it became the first medical institute in post-Soviet times. He received accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This was renewed during 2020.

With this accreditation it can be confirmed that the KGMU meets the highest international educational guidelines. In addition, it applies the principles and quality of undergraduate and graduate medical education.

An advantage for the students of this program with respect to accreditation is that they will excel in their identification exams of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and also to be able to practice medicine in North America.


University campus

Student residences

Monthly cost of living at KSMU


  • Dormitory - 40 USD

  • Food - 200 USD

  • Transportation - 15 USD

  • Internet, telephone - 10 USD


Total - 265 USD

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