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RGSU Universidad Estatal Social Rusa

Belgorod State Research University - BELGU

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25,000 +




1-era in the region




City: Belgorod

Residence: $ 40 USD per month

Pre-college: $ 900 USD per semester



The Belgorod State Research University is today the №1 University of the region, considered one of the best research institutions in the Russian Federation. It is in the Top 20 universities at the federal level, with more than 4 thousand foreign students in its classrooms, thanks to its great infrastructure, excellent teachers and its high academic level.


BELGU in brief

  • 25,000 students from all regions of Russia

  • 4000   foreign students from more than 90 countries around the world

  • 20 joint educational programs with leading universities in Europe, Asia and the Pacific

  • 100 interuniversity cooperation agreements;

  • 1,100 physicians and science candidates

  • 9 institutes, 2 colleges, preparatory faculty, branch in Stary Oskol;

  • 110 physicians and science candidates .

  • 800 companies where students can carry out their internships;


Featured amenities at BELGU

  • Mega libraries

  • Olympic pool

  • 30 student dining rooms

  • 8 Student residences

  • Gyms in residences

  • Laundry rooms in residences

  • Summer Student Rest Complex

  • High-end laboratories

  • Mega sports complex


Social environment

The University City of the NIU "BelGU" consists of 8 student residences. Students live in safe environments, mini-apartment type which usually have 2 or 3 rooms, equipped with the necessary for a successful study. The residences offer students the possibility of leading a varied and cultural enjoyable life. Each room is connected to a local network with Internet access.

In the territory of the central complex of university buildings is located the NIU "BelGU" Sports Academic Complex Svetlana Khorkina - a graduate of our University and outstanding athlete from Belgorod, World Champion and Olympic Champion. The area of ​​the University City covers a total area of ​​36 thousand 700 square meters, in which all the conditions have been created for training exercises and physical development of the students, teachers and staff of the NIU "BelGU". Being an important support for the competitions of our university athletes and sports competitions of the highest rank, both national and international. The Sports Academic Complex is also the ideal place for massive social and cultural activities in the city and the region.



University campus

Student residences

Monthly cost of living in BELGU


  • Dormitory - 40 USD

  • Food - 200 USD

  • Transportation - 15 USD

  • Internet, telephone - 10 USD


Total - 265 USD

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