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Universidad Rusa de la Amistad de los Pueblos en Moscu


Russian University of Friendship of Peoples - RUDN

31,000 +




16-a in Russia


Ciudad                : Moscú
Residencia          : $ 60 USD por mes
Preuniversitario  : $2450 USD por semestre



City: Moscow

Residence: $ 100 USD per month

Pre-university: $ 2,200 USD per semester


The Russian University of Friendship of Peoples was founded on February 5, 1960 by the decision of the Government of the USSR. On February 22, 1961, the University was named after Patrice Lumumba, one of the symbols of the African peoples' struggle for independence. Students and scientists could freely study and participate in scientific research outside the political context, firmly following the great principles of friendship and mutual support. On February 5, 1992, by decision of the Russian Government, the University became the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.


RUDN is one of the best universities in Russia in the world. Enters the lists THE, QS and RUR. One of the leaders in the categories "International students" and "Student-teacher ratio". UI Green Metric rates our campus as the greenest in Russia. RUDN is the first university in Russia to have 5 stars out of 5 QS Stars categories.


RUDN values ​​and traditions

Regardless of grades, age, geography, and profile, all colleges are united by common values.
The basic ideas of our education are close and understandable to students and teachers around the world.



The RUDN Campus is located in the southwest of Moscow in a very picturesque and ecological location. The greenest university in Russia (According to UIGreenMetric) lies near a natural park with the territory of more than 50 hectares.

The campus of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship is one of the best campuses in Russia and a constant winner in competitions between the institutions of higher education in Moscow and Russia.

The city in the city

On Miklukho-Maklaya Street (homage to the Russian explorer and anthropologist) there are 20 student headquarters and 14 residences. More than 8000 undergraduate and graduate students stay in comfortable studio apartments that have everything you need: bathroom, equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi connection, television with satellite channels. Each building has its own laundry room and reading room. Fire fighting systems and video surveillance guarantee the safety of the students. The residences are a few steps from the student headquarters.
On our campus we have a perfect infrastructure: shops, banks, hairdressers, dry cleaners, car parks and workshops. After classes, students can relax in one of the many cafes or restaurants, enjoy authentic cuisine from around the world: African, Arabic, Indian, Russian, Chinese or Georgian. The heart of our campus - the fountain in the central square.

Security of the campus of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship

  • Modern fire protection and security systems.

  • The electronic system of access control in buildings and structures of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.

  • The video surveillance system works 24 hours: 2000 surveillance cameras are located in the territory.

RUDN Environmental Policy

RUDN is the first university in Russia where the Environmental Faculty was created. The university's experience in sustainable development, ecology and environmental protection provides a basis for reducing negative effects on nature and a basis for improving environmental legislation.

Climate conservation issues are at the core of RUDN's scientific interests.

The university is developing programs for the conservation of the marine environment and terrestrial ecosystems, and for the protection of species and some populations of protected and endangered animals.

The professors and students carry out research on the conservation and rehabilitation of agro-industrial landscapes, and sustainable environmental management in general.






RUDN en Moscu

University campus

Student residences

Estimated monthly cost of living in RUDN


  • Bedroom –60 USD

  • Food –310 USD

  • Transportation –15 USD

  • Internet, phone –10 USD


Total –395 USD

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