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Instituto de aviacion civil de Moscu


Moscow Aviation Institute - MAI


22,000 +




34-a in Russia




City: Moscow

Residence: $ 90 USD per month

Pre-college: $ 1500 USD per semester



MAI is one of the most popular universities in the field of aerospace training and other high-tech industries. The University focuses on the development of areas such as aircraft, space and energy systems, IT, new materials and production technologies, the multifaceted use of aerospace and digital technologies.

MAI's mission is to create a pool of the world's top-level engineering workforce through forward-looking research at all stages of aviation, rockets, and space technology. MAI participates in all the main association projects; It also cooperates with leading Russian and foreign industry corporations such as COMAC, ENAC, Safran, BrahMos Aerospace, HAL, PJSC "United Aircraft Corporation", Roscosmos, Rostec and others.


MAI provides training throughout the life cycle of high-tech products from system design to implementation of separate procedures.

High-tech projects at MAI are accomplished with the help of advanced technologies in the following areas:

Mathematical simulation;
Life cycle product management;
Manufacture of composite structures;
Integrated avionics;
Electrification of engineering systems.


Since the founding of MAI, more than 175,000 professionals have graduated. More than 70% of MAI graduates work for industry-based corporations. MAI holds the record among universities for the number of graduates who have become space and test pilots. There are 23 pilot-cosmonauts who spent more than 15 years conducting space missions. 65 spacewalks were conducted. Many MAI graduates are currently working as astronauts.



Egreasados ​​from MAI

Total 175,000+
Chief Designers, Heads of Top 250+ Industry-Based Organizations
2. 3
Honored Test Pilots, Heroes of Russia 150+
Honorable state figures and heads of economic institutions, ambassadors, 150+ high-level business representatives
Academics and associate members of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences 50+
Rectors of higher education institutions 17


Foreign students
Total 1,500+
Foreign PhD and 60+ PhDs
Countries abroad studying at MAI 47
CIS-countries whose students study at MAI 10

University campus

Student residences

Estimated monthly cost of living in MAI


  • Bedroom –90 USD

  • Food –310 USD

  • Transportation –15 USD

  • Internet, phone –10 USD


Total –425 USD

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