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The course will be taught via ZOOM by native teachers, graduated from the best universities in the Russian Federation.

Russian course - Complete course

$931.00 Regular Price
$260.00Sale Price
  • 48 live sessions via ZOOM for 6 months

  • Module 1
    Alphabet, pronunciation, reading, first words, questions who what and where, gender of nouns and possessive pronouns, family theme, numbers up to 20.

    Module 2
    Adjectives, question which, numbers up to 1000, the question how much does it cost, the words this is these, verb to like, questions and answers with preposition because, colors and verb to have. Texts and dialogues.

    Module 3
    First group verbs in the present, verb to live, countries and languages, phrases with prepositions in, days of the week, texts and dialogues.

    Module 4
    Second group verbs in the present, adverbs, verb to love and enchant, reflexive verbs, preposition for that, accusative case of nouns and personal pronouns, texts and dialogues.

    Module 5
    Verbs in the past, verbs of movement in the present and past, types of transport, answers to the question where.

    Module 6
    Perfect and imperfect verbs, verbs to want and to be able, questions when and how much.

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